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hey there friend. i'm maria. heterosexual. female pronouns. i like aph russia waaay too much. i'm queen of the aph russia tag tbh. also known as the freezie post girl. the roof is not my son but i will raise it. please ask me stuff im bored and sometimes sad. i love food. notp is rusame. *please check blacklist/about me

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that cake is pretty sick. you could be the worlds next best baker.



tbh….that cake doesn’t look how i thought it would but it’s the first time ive ever decorated a cake like that. it looks p good but not that good.

thank you for the compliment though, all jokes side. it makes me feel better.

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F is for friends who don’t talk to you.

U is for Ur alone.

N is for never having any plans at all, all you do is sit at home.

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long post, pls read if u can uwu

i was thinking…

okay so im making a RotG oc and i wanted to see what you guys thought
(It’s after Estonia bc i feel like i need a character in memory of him)

Eduard (unless i find a different name for him) was never a human, unlike previous people who were chosen by the Man in the Moon, but he had human qualities. in his former life he was a beloved house pet to his owner. skittish and shy, he had to warm up to his owner before he would let her even pet him. he enjoyed playing with his siblings, exploring and chasing a long, pink string his owner dragged.

however, after ingesting poisonous liquid (irl we aren’t sure of his cause of death, and it’s been too long for us to get an autopsy done) he found himself drooling excessively, being very fatigued and refusing food and water. his siblings knew, his parents knew, even the flies around him knew. he didn’t have long. he could feel himself losing control of his body. he knew he was shutting down.

when the owner’s father put him in a cage, he was glad he was away from the others. but when confronted with his crying owner, he couldn’t bear to look at her. the next morning around eight, the outside blurred. the moon, which was setting, became huge. he stared in awe. he stopped drooling and his pain ebbed away. his eyes wide, the cage suddenly opened. he walked out of it and walked toward the moon.

the moon told him his name was Astral Eduard (might be changed, but there isn’t really a name like Santa Claus or Jack Frost for him) and he was told that his job was the watch over people’s timelines. to protect them.

see, all people in the world have timelines. different timelines that have different outcomes and endings. a single decision could have someone going on one time line from the next.

for example, if someone goes to a party and they drink, if they decide to drink and drive they change timelines from a long timeline to a shorter timeline. that’s where Eduard comes in. he is the “voice inside your head”s helper, except he is louder and is a different voice. he will try to convince you with all his might not to do something that puts you on short a timeline.

but his concern is teenagers, rather than Tweens or younger children, as teenagers are going through many changes. when a teenager is in great need of his help, he will warp to their location using magic. if they believe in Guardian Angels or simply someone watching over them, he will be visible to them. if they don’t, he will try to make them believe while convincing them not to do whatever it is. he will stay with them until they tell him he may go.

Eduard used to try and do them all by himself but if he did is this way, he wouldn’t have time to stay with them. he has found that staying with them is more effective than leaving as soon as he’s convinced them to not do it. so, he has enlisted helpers (all of them are loved pets whom had human qualities/chosen by the Man in the Moon) who go out and do his job if he cannot.

Basic Information:

Name: Astral Eduard
Age: Unknown (for now)
Gender: Male
Species: Cat
Guardian of: Timelines? And I’m not sure if I’m making him an official guardian or not.
Appearance: Short; white fluffy fur (with gray and black); big eyes; stands on hind legs, has a cloak and bracers on his arms
Weapons: Dagger (tipped with poison), magic (white and black ((black meaning elemental spells)))
Powers: Teleportation, Telepathy, Can Talk and Excels in both magic groups
Weaknesses: Black/Dark magic, human food (toxic), watching his owner after his death (in the form of night terrors) and watching his siblings/parents after his death (vivid flashbacks in seeing them after his death, night terrors)

he knows of the other guardians but is often too busy to visit. sometimes Jack visits him, but thats about it. sometimes he works with the Tooth Fairy to remind troubled teens of their memories and what is important, in extreme cases.

and that’s it!
tell me what you think, if it’s too Gary Sue or what - this is my first RotG oc so…..idk

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You say is master baker??? Maybe because English bad for me but. Master baker. You is a master baker. You master bake alllllll night be long! //sorry for bad English and the act that I am apparently be four year old

im crying omg

i have realized my choice of words was terrible
i have realized my grave mistake

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no trust me you do not want to go to public school. i almost killed myself and ended up in a hospital because of how depressed it made me

i’ve been to public school before, and yeah it can be horrible. in one school i was constantly bullied :/

but man im so sorry for what happened to you, that sounds fucking horrible.

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im the greatest baker in the world

modeled after estonia

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Tuesday reblog

hella cool purple shit i made with food coloring

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obviously i am a master baker

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my dad says my mom has big plans for tomorrow aka stuff in mind for things to so around the house

it’s time like these i wish i went to public school still rather than being homeschooled

i’d much rather come home to the house in disarray and half the job is already done then be there since the beginning tbh

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why is it that when you make one sexual joke around ur parents they have to one up you by making another sexual joke reminding you that they have sex still like that ruins the whole joke and my appetite :/

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baking this cake with my dad since my grandmother gave me a huge cake making kit for my sixteenth birthday

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ok.. this might trigger some people because i talk about self harm, but im really afraid im gonna relapse and start doing it again and i really don't know what to do and i wanted to ask if you had any tips or anything

((trigger warning!! self harm!))

well, friend, im not sure if these will help but i really don’t want you to relapse so here’s my two cents:

breathe deeply, in and out in the extreme moments

i’ve never personally dealt with cutting but when im angry this usually helps me calm down

take a red marker and mark the places you want to cut

i saw that on a self harm help post so maybe it will work.

punch a pillow/stuffed animal or squeeze a stress ball

punching pillows has helped me in my day, and stress balls are just fun to squeeze and bounce

take your mind off of it

maybe watch some youtube, vine or something to get your mind off of it.

put bandages where you want to cut

to give yourself different sensations, maybe touch ice?

like i said i don’t have experience with self harm myself so those may not work

talking about it is very important too so feel free to drop me an ask!!

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tall people: if we are walking together please take into consideration my tiny legs. i cant keep up with you. please think of my tiny legs i dont want to be jogging to keep up with your leisurely stroll you TITANS